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Dark Atlas provides constant monitoring for your digital landscape through comprehensive security and intelligence services to protect your organization's sensitive data.

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1Threat Intelligence

Get Real-time and Reliable Intelligence for Your Business

Dark Atlas's Threat Intelligence service empowers businesses to swiftly identify and mitigate threats across their digital presence regardless of their industry.

Strengthen your security performance with proactive intelligence.

Credit Cards Monitoring
Manual Malware Analysis Service
Ransomware Gangs Feeds
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2Brand Protection

Safeguard Your Brand's Valuable Digital Assets

Dark Atlas's AI-driven brand protection solution empowers brands to monitor, detect, and address infringements ensuring the integrity and reputation of your digital presence.

Secure your brand with proactive protection against any digital risks outside your company to minimize damage and protect your customers.

C-Level Executives Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
API Integration
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3Attack Surface Management

Improve Your Digital Security Posture

Dark Atlas's Attack Surface Management allows you to discover all external & Internal IT assets, evaluating risk using threat intelligence data.

Maintain your operations’ integrity by gaining a clear view and securing each component of your digital presence including external databases and cloud services.

Vulnerability Management
Jira Integration
Organization Subsidiary Monitoring
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4Dark Web Monitoring

Expand Your Security Capabilities into the Dark Web

Dark Atlas’s Dark Web Monitoring enables you to gain real-time monitoring capabilities to track your compromised data and identify threat actors and malicious activities before a data breach.

Fortify your business' defenses against the evolving risks in the dark web.

Dark Web Threat Hunting Search
Infected Employees Automatic Alerts
Malware Infected Employees
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