Advance CISO initiatives with clarity and unwavering resolve

Empowering teams to proactively counter threats from the dark web, avoid attacks, and swiftly provide security value.

Automated Monitoring Around the Clock

Uncover Cybercriminals plans and prevent breaches

Hidden security gaps can compromise your business and cause negative impact.

Dark Atlas allows you to have continuous threat monitoring for diverse sources so you can stay ahead of possible threats.

Also, we provide your team with the advanced tools they need to respond quickly to these threats before they disrupt your business.

Automated Warning

How Can CISOs Benefit from Dark Atlas

With Dark Atlas, CISOs can:

Boost Security Skills

By providing your current employees with cutting-edge threat detection tools, you may minimize the need for new hiring.

Minimize Business Risk

Proactively watch out for potential dangers, such as dark web activity and data leaks, to reduce risk throughout the entire business.

Comprehensive Approach

Demonstrate all your cybersecurity issues, including hidden threats, stolen data, and sensitive data leaks.

Gain more protection with less products

Empowering CISO with:

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform:

You won't deal with hassle anymore. Dark Atlas filters alerts based on your needs, ensuring your team receives only the most relevant threats.

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Unparalleled Coverage:

See the bigger picture. Monitor beyond the surface web, including dark web marketplaces, code repositories, and more for comprehensive threat detection.

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Rapid & Seamless Deployment:

Get started fast. Up and running in under one hour, Dark Atlas delivers actionable intelligence within a day.


Why customers love Dark Atlas

At Genius.AI, ensuring a secure AI experience is paramount. Deploying Dark Atlas from day one has been critical in safeguarding our operations and preventing data breaches.

Sergio Bruccoleri, CTO at Genius AI

I've used Dark Atlas for months, and it's been indispensable for our organization. It helps us identify potential data leaks proactively with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting. I highly recommend it for any organization looking to strengthen their security and protect sensitive information.

Hussien Fahmey, SOC Manager at Paymob

Dark Atlas proactively monitors the dark web, ensuring your business's data remains secure. It strengthens cybersecurity and maintains excellent cyber hygiene, efficiently scanning thousands of dark web forums for comprehensive protection.

Ali Hamed, CISO at Moneyfellows

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