Healthcare Industry

Protect your patient's healthcare privacy

Dark Atlas secures healthcare data with clear, dark & deep web monitoring for breaches, stolen credentials, and malicious activity.

Proactive security for healthcare

Empowering your healthcare organization with comprehensive features

Healthcare organizations manage highly sensitive information. Dark Atlas monitors the clear, dark, and deep web for data breaches, stolen credentials, and emerging cyber threats.

Focus What Matters: Prioritized notifications ensure your team tackles the most critical risks to healthcare data.

AI Uncovers Threats: Our AI proactively identifies emerging threats on the dark web before they strike.

Data-Driven Decisions: Track your digital footprint and make informed security choices with our real-time risk evaluation.

Automated Warning

Healthcare Cybersecurity Benefits

How can Healthcare organizations benefit from Dark Atlas?

High Stakes

PHI is digitized, security is crucial, and data breaches cost millions (financial & reputational damage).

Reactive Response

CISOs fight cyberattacks, data breaches, and compliance issues reactively.

Blind Spots

Proactive threat detection is difficult with slow, manual dark web monitoring.

Rapid Evolution

The dark web's constant change outpaces manual methods, leaving healthcare vulnerable.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Benefits

How can Healthcare organizations benefit from Dark Atlas?

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Real-Time Threat Detection:

Get immediate alerts when your healthcare data is mentioned anywhere online, including the deep and dark web.

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Preventative Leak Protection:

Proactively monitor for leaks of sensitive patient data (PHI & PII) across hundreds of online sources.

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Cloud Security Assurance:

Identify and fix misconfigurations in your cloud storage (like S3 buckets) to prevent data exposure before it happens.


Why customers love Dark Atlas

At Genius.AI, ensuring a secure AI experience is paramount. Deploying Dark Atlas from day one has been critical in safeguarding our operations and preventing data breaches.

Sergio Bruccoleri, CTO at Genius AI

I've used Dark Atlas for months, and it's been indispensable for our organization. It helps us identify potential data leaks proactively with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting. I highly recommend it for any organization looking to strengthen their security and protect sensitive information.

Hussien Fahmey, SOC Manager at Paymob

Dark Atlas proactively monitors the dark web, ensuring your business's data remains secure. It strengthens cybersecurity and maintains excellent cyber hygiene, efficiently scanning thousands of dark web forums for comprehensive protection.

Ali Hamed, CISO at Moneyfellows

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