Security Operations

Boost your security team to proactively monitor their online presence

Empower SecOps teams to take measures to safeguard vital intellectual property, employee data, and credentials from digital assaults.

Start Proactive Defense

Don't Overwhelm your security team

Security experts find it difficult to concentrate on actual threats due to the deluge of alerts and dashboards.

Dark Atlas's main goals are smooth tool integration and explicit, actionable intelligence. This minimizes the flow of information and enables SecOps teams to stop attacks rather than just respond to them.

Automated Warning

What Can Dark Atlas Provide for SecOps?

With an easy-to-use platform, SecOps will:

Deep Web Coverage

We go beyond the surface web, actively monitoring dark web marketplaces, code repositories, and more for signs of data breaches.

Actionable Alerts

Security teams are prioritized with immediate notification of suspicious activity and potential leaks, empowering swift response.

Rapid Deployment

Our advanced platform delivers high-value alerts within a week. Get operational in less than a day.

Protect sensitive data like credit cards , emails , etc

proactive dark web monitoring, identification of compromised credentials, and robust security features.

Protect Your Business

Effectively monitor the dark and the deep web

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Data Exposure:

Sensitive information like credentials and personal data can be leaked and sold on the dark web or used for further attacks.

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Business Disruption:

Breaches can lead to suspended licenses, service disruptions, and complete business shutdowns.

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Financial Losses:

Revenue decline is likely due to lost customers, terminated partnerships, and potential fines from regulatory bodies.

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Reputational Damage:

Customers' trust can be ruined after a breach, leading to brand devaluation and loss of investor confidence.


Why customers love Dark Atlas

At Genius.AI, ensuring a secure AI experience is paramount. Deploying Dark Atlas from day one has been critical in safeguarding our operations and preventing data breaches.

Sergio Bruccoleri, CTO at Genius AI

I've used Dark Atlas for months, and it's been indispensable for our organization. It helps us identify potential data leaks proactively with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting. I highly recommend it for any organization looking to strengthen their security and protect sensitive information.

Hussien Fahmey, SOC Manager at Paymob

Dark Atlas proactively monitors the dark web, ensuring your business's data remains secure. It strengthens cybersecurity and maintains excellent cyber hygiene, efficiently scanning thousands of dark web forums for comprehensive protection.

Ali Hamed, CISO at Moneyfellows

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