Technology Industry

Protect your Tech Business Effortlessly

Tech companies manage remote workforce, compliance, and data risk. For proactive security, Dark Atlas streamlines external threat monitoring (credentials, breaches).

Empowering Tech Companies

Focus less on time wasted, and more on immediate action.

Data overload sometimes overwhelms IT and security teams. Dark Atlas gives tech companies the vital information and insights they need to respond quickly.

AI-powered Dark Web Detection: proactively recognize and handle any risks before they affect your company.

Actionable Threat Prioritization: Your security team will receive actionable warnings when our advanced algorithm filters out the noise.

Making Informed Decisions: Our thorough risk rating assists executives in comprehending their changing digital footprint and in making data-driven security choices.

Automated Warning

Tech Cybersecurity Benefits

How can tech companies benefit from Dark Atlas?

Prevents Human Error Leaks

We identify accidental leaks of sensitive data introduced by developers, including those on platforms like Github.

Alerts on Emerging Threats

Dark Atlas monitors the deep, dark, and clear web for mentions of your company and critical assets, giving you a head start on potential threats.

Stops Account Takeover

Our platform verifies new login credentials against a massive database of stolen data, preventing compromised credentials from being used for account hijacking.

Tech Security Team Challenges

Tech companies' digital reliance expands attack surface

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Expanding Attack Surface:

Improperly secured cloud servers, leaked credentials, and external code repositories create more potential entry points for attackers.

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Protecting Sensitive Data:

Tech companies are prime targets due to their valuable intellectual property and client data.

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Preventing Account Takeover:

Stopping account takeovers is crucial to avoid data breaches, malware distribution, and data loss.

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Targeted Attacks:

Technology companies are frequently targeted with sophisticated attacks aimed at stealing their sensitive data.


Why customers love Dark Atlas

At Genius.AI, ensuring a secure AI experience is paramount. Deploying Dark Atlas from day one has been critical in safeguarding our operations and preventing data breaches.

Sergio Bruccoleri, CTO at Genius AI

I've used Dark Atlas for months, and it's been indispensable for our organization. It helps us identify potential data leaks proactively with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting. I highly recommend it for any organization looking to strengthen their security and protect sensitive information.

Hussien Fahmey, SOC Manager at Paymob

Dark Atlas proactively monitors the dark web, ensuring your business's data remains secure. It strengthens cybersecurity and maintains excellent cyber hygiene, efficiently scanning thousands of dark web forums for comprehensive protection.

Ali Hamed, CISO at Moneyfellows

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