Insurance Industry

Fortify your defenses with breach intelligence for Cyber insurance organizations

Dark Atlas empowers insurers with accurate risk assessment tools to cover legitimate companies with confidence and without taking on too much risk.

Sharpe Risk Assessments

Enhance Risk Management and Increase Profitability

The insurance sector is one of their main targets for attacks. It's about the money and the enormous quantity of sensitive data, which includes anything from highly protected health information (PHI) to financial information and personal information (PII).

Secure your business with:

- Accurate Risk Assessments: Our precise analysis helps clients secure lower insurance premiums.

- Minimize Claims: Unmatched breach and malware intelligence helps you avoid unexpected losses.

- Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Attract new clients with competitive prices and retain them with valuable security data.

Automated Warning

Insurers Cybersecurity Benefits

How can insurers benefit from Dark Atlas?

Enhanced Security Culture

Automate account takeover prevention and improve employee cybersecurity awareness, reducing ransomware and data loss risks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Track compromised credentials associated with your company on the dark web, proactively identifying potential threats.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect Dark Atlas to your existing system through high-volume, user-friendly APIs.

Detect hackers

Gain access to unparalleled information gathered from decades' worth of threat actor data, allowing you to find the perpetrators of fraud and cybercrime.

Cyber Insurance Security Team Challenges

Health records, personal information, and financial data are at risk

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Tech Reliance & Attack Surface:

Digital transformation expands the attack surface for insurers' sensitive data (PII, PHI, financial).

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Data Breaches & Ransomware:

The volume of sensitive data makes insurers prime targets for breaches and ransomware attacks.

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Weak Cybersecurity Posture:

Many insurers lack robust defenses, leaving them vulnerable to cybercrime.

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Advanced Threats Emerge:

State-sponsored attackers and hacktivists demand advanced security solutions.


Why customers love Dark Atlas

At Genius.AI, ensuring a secure AI experience is paramount. Deploying Dark Atlas from day one has been critical in safeguarding our operations and preventing data breaches.

Sergio Bruccoleri, CTO at Genius AI

I've used Dark Atlas for months, and it's been indispensable for our organization. It helps us identify potential data leaks proactively with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting. I highly recommend it for any organization looking to strengthen their security and protect sensitive information.

Hussien Fahmey, SOC Manager at Paymob

Dark Atlas proactively monitors the dark web, ensuring your business's data remains secure. It strengthens cybersecurity and maintains excellent cyber hygiene, efficiently scanning thousands of dark web forums for comprehensive protection.

Ali Hamed, CISO at Moneyfellows

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